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Custom Home Builder vs. Production Home Builder – Why Custom Builder is the Best

 They build numerous homes year-round. They even exploit economies of scale, utilizing their abundance financial resources to purchase building materials (whatever quality they think right) in a bulk quantity at discounted rates.

To accept the facts that, production home builders are better without understanding the benefits of working with custom home builders, is just like giving them short shrift. There are a plenty of good, logical reasons to have your new home built by a good custom home builder instead of any big production home builder. Below are the five of the significant reasons of choosing a custom home builder.

1. Custom home builders build your new home where exactly you want it to be.

Unlike production home builders that build a number of homes year-round, custom home builders undertake, only a few projects (15 – 25 homes) in a year. The reason for this is that they want to focus solely on quality than quantity. With only a few projects at hand, they have a plenty of time working on a single home at a time. Since they limit themselves with only a few projects, whatever the building opportunity they get (first come, first serve), they will take it. If you contact them and if they are not currently engaged in some other project, they will happily take the opportunity and help you build your new home exactly where you want it to be.

Production home builders think in building big – they think in terms of building communities, not houses. To build a community, production builders find and acquire large pieces of land. They will build houses only on those pieces of land. This will limit the choices of where you want your new home built. Therefore, if you want to have and live in your new home where you want it to be, production home builder is not the good choice.

2. Custom home builders build your new home as per your exact preferences.

From a good custom home builder, you can expect nothing more than full-customization. A custom home builder normally works with a wide range of design options (Traditional, Craftsman, European, Contemporary Style and so on). This will allow you to choose the right, overall style for your new home. Further, most of the important personnel of the custom builder will always be on site. This will give you all the opportunities to change or modify things you dislike. Custom home builders even give you the freedom to choose the quality of building materials and the brand of home accessories that you like.

Production home builders, on the other hand, build community – many homes at a time. For this, they do not utilize different home plans. Based on a single home plan, they build a community. Further, they will always stick to a single brand and quality of materials for the community they build. This will restrict your selection for the appliances, countertops, and other home accessories. This is not how you want your new home to be. Since you will be spending your hard-earned savings, you will want all things just the way you want. Therefore, to have a home as per your exact preferences, instead of a production home builder, a nice custom home builder is right for you.

3. Custom homes are of good quality.

As said earlier, production builders buy building materials in a bulk quantity so that they can just avail them at discounted rates. They will not inspect the quality of each building material they buy. With inferior or low quality building materials, there is no big telltale that the homes will be of poor quality.

Custom builders will not buy building materials in a bulk quantity because they do not have “deep pockets”. Even if they have an abundance of financial resources, they will not buy in a bulk quantity due to the number of projects they do at a time and their primary focus on quality. They work on a single project at a time with a focus on quality and, therefore, will purchase the building materials as required. Besides, when it comes to custom homes, it is you who decide which quality materials your new home should be built with. Even if you decide the materials that you can afford, a custom home builder will carefully inspect them.

4. Custom builders are very skilled.

Custom home builders build all sorts of unique or one-of-a-kind homes as per unique preferences and home plans. They have immense knowledge on what is possible to build and what is not. Even when it comes to build an impossible structure, custom builders are skilled enough to work for an identical, but possible alternative. They are also honest enough to tell if the alternative is not possible because their prime focus is on delivering high quality homes as per their clients’ preferences.

Production home builders are, of course, skilled, but only on building homes as per a certain kind of home plan. Oftentimes, they do not improvise; hence, they often find themselves in deep water when building some difficult structures come up. Therefore, to conclude this point we can say that production builders are skilled, but only on building certain styles of home and that too due to redundant work patterns.

5. Custom builders know what you need.

A production home builder will probably build you a “McMansion” at a cheap price, but be wary, various costs associated with furnishing, heating, cooling, building permit, water connection, and so on will be left to you. You will be on your own, at your own expense to obtain the building permit and other amenities.

A good, local custom home builder, living in your area or where you want your new home to be built will be familiar with the local energy costs, permit processes, and so on. They can help acquire the building permit, install essential amenities, and deal with other issues. They know that they are building an abode for you, where you and your family can enjoy years to come, and they will be there until the end to deliver you that heavenly abode.

To conclude, production builders certainly do carry the edge of working quickly. They may offer big homes at affordable prices, but in the end, you might have to bear amenities costs. Further, with production homes, you will not get the home that you have desired, a long time ago.

To have a beautiful home of your dream, the one that you had always desired, it is the best idea to hire a good, local custom home builder. Custom home builders do not build communities – they build beautiful abode for individual families to live and relish.

Searching for New Home Builder Made Easy

If you are moving to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and cannot find the house that fits your needs, then it is time to seek for the new home builders. Getting a house build from ground up is the best way to get an ideal home, which will meet your every expectation and lifestyle; however, before deciding and planning for your dream home, it is very essential to seek and choose the right new home builder in Virginia. With few tips mentioned in this article, the search for such builders becomes easier.

The first thing you must do is build up a list of several home builders. You can start by contacting the local branch of “National Association of Home Builders.” It is one out of the most significant industry in the US, which guarantees safe, appropriate, and inexpensive housing. Pay them a visit and ask them for the list of active new home builders in your area. You can also find the list of respectable home builders by inquiring or consulting local real estate agencies and housing agents. Word of mouth from friends and relatives is always valuable information. Local media such as newspapers and magazines can also help you build up the list of home builders in Virginia.

Once you are through with building a list, now it is time to choose the right home builder who can help you build your dream home. Proceed by eliminating those builders from your list whose build homes does not please you, and then strike out the ones whose price range does not fit your budget.

By now, your list of builders will be half. Now it is time to assess the quality of the remaining home builders. For this, you will be requiring to perform some research and visit certain houses. For research, check the credentials of the new home builder on the internet. Find out whether they are licensed and reputed or not. Always give more preference to the builder who has a considerable amount of experience and has a large portfolio. It is also a good idea to check the bank records of such builders, and a simple way to do this is through checking their permanent business address.

As for the remaining part of the quality assessment, you should ask the builders to show their previous projects. By going through their past projects and asking the people living there how they feel, will give you a fair idea about the quality of work such builder is capable of delivering. Besides, by doing such activity, you will be able to visualize how your new home will be in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Qualities of General Contractor

Employing the services of a respectable general contractor in Virginia can be a tricky and time-consuming process, and there are some good reasons for the same. A general contractor has many responsibilities, and handling such responsibilities requires utmost knowledge, experience, skills, and finesse. The job of a general contractor is difficult, and performing it in the right way is even more difficult.

If you are having any construction project, and seeking for a general contractor, then here are few things that you must consider before employing such contractor; however, remember that a general contractor can make your life easy if he/she is well qualified in managing any project from beginning to end.

Link between Architects and Contractor

General contractor should have good liaise with the architects. In case if there is no link between architects and contractor, the project will not have likely outcome. They must meet before the project start to discuss and review the entire project. If there are any issues, they must work out a solution using their technical and academic knowledge.

Manage Sub-contractors

General contractor is responsible of searching and managing all the sub-contractors required in the areas of flooring, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting, and so on. A respectable contractor must be able to get you the quotes from several good sub-contractors, who would provide quality and timely services in their particular area.

Their Ideas and Your Ideas

Contractors must be innovative to come up with some original ideas; however, at the same time, they must respect your ideas as well. It is a blessing if a contractor can suggest one or two alternative ideas that are unique and economical. A respectable contractor will always understand your taste and respect your inputs. They will also answer all your question and queries politely and efficiently. If in case a certain thing is not at all possible, they make sure to give you an honest answer, with a reasonable explanation.

Arrangement of Permits and Inspection

For any construction, whether residential or commercial, small or large, it is essential to get the necessary building permit from various departments and agencies of the state. It is the responsibility of the contractor to obtain such building permit.

Insured and Licensed Contractor

Construction is a field, where accident often happens. A respectable general contractor in Virginia has to be insured, just in case if any accident happens, you will not have to bear the expenses. Besides insurance, they must also have valid license from Virginia Department of Professional and Occupation. A licensed contractor is better than any flyby contractor, who would leave in the middle of the project.